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Welcome to Writers Choice Publications Pvt. Ltd., an esteemed independent publishing company specializing in scholarly and reference books across various disciplines. Our commitment to academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge drives us to deliver meticulously crafted publications that engage readers and inspire scholarly pursuits, while fostering a community of authors, researchers, and readers.

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Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh

Director, IIM Tiruchirappalli

I came in contact with Shri Balbir Singh, founder of Writers Choice, about five years back. He comes with background experience of seasoned publication houses, so one may be assured of quality of production and publicity aspect of prospective books. I am satisfied with publication of two books with him, and going for the third.

Dr. Guruprasad Murthy

Former Director - Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

My experience with Mr. Balbir Singh and his team is very pleasant and positive. They are professional publishers and take care of the author’s work with great interest during the course of the publication. They are very professional in their printing and overall packaging of the layout and the other details concerning the anatomy of the publication. Last but not the least they also take due care of time management which is so important and are extremely kind in communication on the phone during the tenure of the publication in process.

Dr. Hansa Deep

University of Toronto

I found a credible publisher and a critic to suggest improvements in layout and presentation. Hats off to Balbir Singh Ji; he delivered beyond my expectations. A beautiful presentation of my priceless collection in a book form was in my hands, running in about three hundred pages. I have authored more than twelve books, and I take pride in stating that Saundhwadi Lok Dharohar is unique among all my published books so far. I am very impressed with its cover, size, paper, and visual appeal.